Suppressor Tube Engraving Service For Making an NFA Firearm on a Form 1
Stainless Steel Supressor tube engraving service

Suppressor Tube Engraving Service For Making an NFA Firearm on a Form 1

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The NFA market has experienced tremendous growth in the past several years fueled by the relatively "low" expense of the tax stamp that was long seen as prohibitive, and because of higher awareness recently by media in educating people that NFA items are not in fact illegal.  Suppressors/silencers have been a very large part of the growth of the NFA market, and in fact, a growing percentage of people are attempting to build their own suppressor using an ATF NFA form 1.  This is a completely legal way of getting into the NFA market, just be sure to follow all laws and regulations strictly as the ATF does not mess around with NFA items.  Several websites sell "solvent trap" kits, we recommend contacting an ATF office near you and your firearm lawyer for consultation regarding the purchase of one of these kits, as ownership is not as straight forward as you think it might be.

NFA Form 1 Silencer/Suppressor Marking Requirements
The National Firearms Act (NFA) stipulates that any item added to the registry be properly marked by the manufacturer, much like the markings required on firearms.  Believe it or not, if you are making a suppressor, you are the manufacturer, there for your information must be marked on the suppressor.  You can mark either the end cap or the tube, it is up to you as long as your information fits and meets the minimum size requirements.  If you are building a suppressor on a trust, you must use the name of the trust as the manufacturer.  The serial number must be marked to a depth of .003" and no smaller than 1/16". Our process exceeds both of these standards, and in order to ensure uniform looks, we engrave all markings to this size/depth requirement.  The required markings are Name (Trust Name), City/State, Model, Caliber, and Serial number.

Which is better, laser or CNC?
Glad you asked!  We believe laser is a far superior marking process than a cnc machine for several reasons.  The laser does not require the tube to be clamped securely, so there is less chance for scuffs or other marks on your tube.  The laser also does not chip anodizing like a diamond drag machine, so the marks are much cleaner and look much better when filled.  Many times we are able to fill the engraving to blend in on anodized tubes to the point where you are hard pressed to tell it wasn't anodized after engraving.  We are also able to add graphics or logos should you want to personalize your suppressor even further.

We have a full service cerakote shop all at the same site so if you are wanting to coat your suppressor we can do engrave and coat all under one roof, saving you shipping fees, time, and money.  We use high temp cerakote, the same coating several top manufacturers use on their silencers, to ensure a long lasting heat resistant coating that will look professional for years to come.  We stock the standard colors, so please check with us on lead times for special colors.

Please include any details such as placement, font, graphics, or any other particulars you may desire for your engraving.  If you can diagram how you want it laid out on the tube that is even better.  We don't like to assume incorrectly, so the more information you can provide the better, it will help prevent any unnecessary delays that will slow down the turnaround time for your project.  We usually have just a 1-2 day turnaround time in our shop as we prioritize all NFA/Serialized items so we can return them to the owners as fast as possible.

Please ship your tube with a copy of your order number so that we may quickly get it engraved and returned to you.  You have already waited long enough for your form 1 to come back, we don’t want to stand in your way.  Return shipping is included in the cost of the service, please contact us if you want it shipped back a different way.  Only ship us your suppressor tube or end cap and a copy of your approved Form 1.

5 Stars
I am very happy with the results, and I had the can back in less than one month. I highly recommend burning the characters through the Dura-coating and into the metal (stainless for me). This turned out very nice. They coated both sides of my end-caps too, inside and out. Great job
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Reviewed by:  from Morristown, TN. on 6/8/2019
5 Stars
Faster turn-around than expected. Very fair price for engraving service! Thank you.
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Reviewed by:  from Florida. on 5/22/2019
5 Stars
Fabulous quality
Looked locally for an engraving service for my homemade suppressor. Only found one place that want >$100 to put a few lines on my tube!!! Did a google search and found CustomARDustCover and they had a sale on engraving. The photos looked good and the price was definitely much better so I thought I'd take the plunge. So glad I did...less than 1 week turnaround with shipping and the quality was outstanding...I could not imagine it getting any better. Any form 1 stuff I have from now on will be coming here for engraving.
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Reviewed by:  from NH. on 3/22/2019
5 Stars
SDTA Ti Tube Engraving
Nice depth. Good crisp lettering. Fast turnaround. Cant ask for more
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Reviewed by:  from PA. on 1/29/2019
5 Stars
They received my item on a Thursday and it was shipped back to me by Monday. Very fast turn around and the engraving looks great.
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Reviewed by:  from AR. on 7/12/2018

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