SBR Engraving Service For Making an NFA Firearm on a Form 1

SBR Engraving Service For Making an NFA Firearm on a Form 1

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Building an SBR?  Excellent choice, buying one is way over-rated, but building one is total #pewlife.  With all that aside, part of the requirement of making an SBR on a form 1 is to engrave your identifying information because since the form is titled "Application to Make and Register a Firearm," that makes you the manufacturer.  If using an existing firearm all you need to do is add your name (or your trust name) and current city/state.  You can also start from an 80% lower and add everything (manufacturer, model, serial, caliber, city/state).  We utilize an industrial laser engraving machine that exceed standards set forth by the ATF, and does so with extreme precision and clean markings a diamond drag machine could only dream about.  We are able to engrave steel, aluminum, brass, titanium, polymer, and just about anything else you can think of.  On standard AR lowers we can engrave above the trigger/hammer pins, the magwell, or even underneath the trigger guard for a cleaner overall look.  For other firearms, please let us know where you would like the engraving done.  It can be done pretty much anywhere as long as it will not be obstructed when the firearm is assembled.

Need a Lower Receiver?

If you are starting out fresh and need a lower, we can sell you the lower and engrave it before we ship it to your FFL.  Our standard lower receiver is the Anderson Manufacturing AM-15 Multi Cal marked lower receiver.  Forged from 7075-T6 aluminum and hard anodized to mil-spec type 3 requirements.   These lowers are known throughout the industry for their reliability and affordability.  These are great quality lowers that are easy on the budget.  We also offer the ability to upgrade to a more “tacticool” Spike’s Tactical Lower.  These receivers are excellent quality and are finished off with a very durable layer of anodizing.  These have a great reputation for being one of the best forged lowers available, with almost a cult following.  Anodized to exceed mil-spec standards and forged out of 7075-T6 aluminum, and featuring a wide variety of logos and variants, there is one for everyone.

Optional Graphic Engraving

If you are submitting a graphic for us to engrave on the lower, here are a few suggestions.  For deep engravings, please make sure you send us a pure black and white image, no grayscale.  The higher resolution the better as well, as it will result in a better overall engraving.  The more detail in the image, the more important this is.  If you have a grayscale image we can surface engrave them.  If you have specific questions you can always submit a copy of your image and we’ll advise you on how well it will work for your application.  The standard engraving removes the surface anodizing only, which will result in the white aluminum showing through the black anodizing.  The anodizing layer is usually around .002” thick, so this is a very thin engraving and doesn’t usually result in any noticeable texture change.  We do have the ability to deep engrave most images and text to a depth of around .01” which will allow you to color fill the engraving, or you can cerakote over the entire receiver and still be able to see all the detail of the engraving.

Cerakote Services

We do have the ability to cerakote your lower while it is in our shop.  If cerakoting, please consider the order of the process so you can get your desired result.  If we engrave first, the engraving will need to be deep, and the result will be a very professional looking lower where the graphics/text look factory fresh much like the logos and text on any lower you would buy from your local shop.  You will still be able to color fill the logo/text to create a high contrast and sharp looking image.  If we cerakote first, we can then go over and remove the cerakoting which will give you a white image through the cerakoted, offering a good amount of contrast.

Graphic and Text Suggestions

If you have made it this far and you would like to truly make a custom one of a kind rifle, but just aren’t sure what to put on it, here are some suggestions:

-Family Names/Crests

-Texts and Slogans

-Tributes and in memory of text

-Caliber designations – show off and easily identify your unique caliber AR

-Armed Forces & Military Logos

-Law enforcement badges and department logos

-Civil service badges and logo (Fire/EMS, etc…)

-2nd amendment graphics and text

-Patriotic flags, state flags, state seals


-Business logos or text

-Anything else you can imagine!!

Shipping Information

All new lowers we provide must be shipped to an FFL holder in your state for applicable background check.  If you are sending us a lower currently in your possession for work, we can mail it directly back to you.  Please insure your shipment and ship with a signature required to:

RGO Custom Shop
10722 Fairgrounds Rd STE 1
Huntingdon PA 16652

5 Stars
His Lord Emperor of Awesome
Excellent workmanship, pricing, and service. Getting your SBR engraved will put hair on your chest and make you into a freedom-loving REAL AMERICAN. Turnaround time was so fast, that I think I actually received my engraved lower the day before I sent it out to Custom AR Dust Cover. Serious Back to the Future stuff. And the quality of engraving? I can only believe that this company employs a sweat shop full of master craftsmen dwarves from the mines of Moria. With lines so clean that you'll want to eat off them, I assure you that you'll drop all the panties at your local range. When you show off your newly engraved AR, women will want you and men will want to be you. DO NOT DELAY! DO YOURSELF AND FAVOR AND GET YOUR PIECE ENGRAVED HERE AT THE ONE AND ONLY CUSTOM AR DUST COVER!!!
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Reviewed by:  from MERICA!. on 3/7/2019
5 Stars
Excellent service. The engraving is crisp amd clean, and looks like it came from the mfg like that. Return service was also prompt. This is where i will be sending everything i need to be engraved.
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Reviewed by:  from VA. on 4/20/2018
5 Stars
Trust Engraving
Was so much easier than expected. Was able to send multiple items in same shipment. Asked for engraving in different spot. They engraved front of magwell it looks awesome. The work is top notch. It took no time at all to get my receivers back. They were packaged well when I received. Great Communication, Great company, I highly recommend them to anyone needing their services.
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Reviewed by:  from Carmichaels, Pa. on 4/11/2018
5 Stars
NFA the painless way!
Look no further for all your NFA engraving needs. So far, I've used their engraving service at least 10 times and will be using it again very soon for several more. I love the way the letters and numbers are precisely laser cut to the point where the end result looks like the lowers came with this information from the machining company that originally milled the parts. As far as turn around time (5 days shipped & rec'd), I couldn't have gotten my parts back any faster if I'd used a local service. This company is willing to work with their engraving customers to provide the exact result the customer desires. How rare is that in today's 'one size fits all' marketplace? All I can say is "Try them, you will not be disappointed".
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Reviewed by:  from CENTRAL KY. on 3/7/2018
5 Stars
Great Service
Service is great and they are very helpful in making sure you get what you want. Engraving looks like it came from the manufacturer and turn around time is super fast. Would highly recommend and will definitely use in the future.
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Reviewed by:  from Michigan. on 2/20/2018

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