Living in a custom world

It seems custom is the new trend.  Custom Homes, Custom Cars, Custom Ink, so why wouldn't you want to customize your guns?  The desire to make something personal is something people are passionate about, and let's face it, when you are passionate, you want to show and share your passion with the world, and especially those that have similar passions.  

Custom Hot Rod

What better way than to take your personal vision for something and change or alter it in a way to make it your own and unique.  Some call it a mashup, but some of the best customization combines 2 different passions.  A basic example of this would be putting bumper stickers on your car of your favorite band or sports team.  Take it a step further and I'm sure you have seen murals on cars and trucks.  This fits perfectly with why people customize their homes, cars, skin, and yes, even their firearms.  Some people want to express opinions, some want to show off their artistry or sense of humor, some people want to improve the function, and some just want to get a few chuckles from their friends for "actually doing that".  Whatever the reason, there is always a way to customize practically anything you can get your hands on.

Custom AR Dust Cover

We have been customizing, creating, and making for several years.  It is has become a craft our experts in the shop have fined tuned and honed over the years.  We have tried to take our passions and share them with your passions to create some truly one of a kind masterpieces that will be family heirlooms handed down for generations.  We take it seriously, and constantly look for new ways and techniques to make your custom pieces stand out and last, while keeping an eye on the costs for doing so.  We believe that customization no longer needs to be in the hands of a few, and should be in the hands of many.  

High Quality Engraved V7 AR15 Dust Cover

However, we do realize some are looking for high quality custom pieces, so we continue to add the latest parts from top manufacturers with options to customize them where we can.  We started with laser engraving machines, but we have added several other machines and capacities to our shop, that we use with the same focus on perfection in order to fully personalize everything from guns, drink ware, apparel, accessories.  We now consider ourselves a lifestyle shop, offering custom lifestyle products with a focus on freedom and shooting.  They go together like butter on bread we think, and we hope you do too.  Join us in this journey on our blog as we take an in depth look at what we do, and how we do it, and how it can result in the best products for your custom life.