Don't Tread On Me Gadsden Flag Engraved AR15 Lower - Add your personal engravings
Don't Tread On Me Engraved Lower

Don't Tread On Me Gadsden Flag Engraved AR15 Lower - Add your personal engravings

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The king of the custom world is the custom engraved lower receiver, and our designers have been busy creating the next level of engraved lowers.  This lower features our enhanced Don't Tread On Me Snake/Gadsden Flag Graphic on the right hand magwell, with the option of adding your graphics/text to other areas of the lower. Nothing is more permanent on your gun than your lower, and putting your custom logo, text, slogan, or other graphic is the best way to show everyone you own it. Put your favorite phrase, company logo, propaganda, flag or anything else you desire on the most prominent surface of your AR lower, the magwell. We use an industrial laser with extreme precision to turn your standard run of the mill lower receiver into to a masterpiece, a true extension of your personality, or just something cool that all your buddies will envy. If you don’t see your preferred options here, just let us know and a specialist will make sure we can create your every custom desire for this lower.

Optional Lower Receivers

Our standard lower receiver is the Anderson Manufacturing AM-15 Multi Cal marked lower receiver. Forged from 7075-T6 aluminum and hard anodized to mil-spec type 3 requirements. These lowers are known throughout the industry for their reliability and affordability. These are great quality lowers that are easy on the budget. We also offer the ability to upgrade to a more “tacticool” Spike’s Tactical Lower. These receivers are excellent quality and are finished off with a very durable layer of anodizing. These have a great reputation for being one of the best forged lowers available, with almost a cult following. Anodized to exceed mil-spec standards and forged out of 7075-T6 aluminum, and featuring a wide variety of logos and variants, there is one for everyone.

We generally engrave in a standard block font, but can use most Windows or free fonts available online. Should you want a custom font, please indicate in the engraving locations above what font you want using brackets following the text you want engraved.

For Example: COME & TAKE IT [Stencil Font]

Multiple Graphics
For most orders, we already have most common graphics on file like the US Flag, Punisher, Spartan Helmet, etc.... You can just specify the image you want in the blanks without uploading. If we do not have it we may email you to ask for a copy or clarification. If you have multiple custom images, please reply to your order confirmation with the additional images, and make sure to fill in the blanks above with the filenames of the images you will be sending. If you leave an area blank above and email an additional image, it might not be included, it must be indicated in the area you want it placed above.

Custom Graphics

Please watch the video below for information on how to pick graphics and upload them, it will answer most questions and insure you get the best possible custom dust cover available on the market. We want to make the process as easy as possible and make sure your cover turns out just like you want. We have very high standards and your dust cover final product quality is determined by the graphic quality you send us.

Video Tutorial: Choosing Custom Graphics

Engraving Depth

The standard engraving removes the surface anodizing only, which will result in the white aluminum showing through the black anodizing. The anodizing layer is usually around .002” thick, so this is a very thin engraving and doesn’t usually result in any noticeable texture change. We do have the ability to deep engrave most images and text to a depth of around .01” which will allow you to color fill the engraving, or you can cerakote over the entire receiver and still be able to see all the detail of the engraving.

Cerakote Services

We do have the ability to cerakote your lower while it is in our shop. If cerakoting, please consider the order of the process so you can get your desired result. If we engrave first, the engraving will need to be deep, and the result will be a very professional looking lower where the graphics/text look factory fresh much like the logos and text on any lower you would buy from your local shop. You will still be able to color fill the logo/text to create a high contrast and sharp looking image. If we cerakote first, we can then go over and remove the cerakoting which will give you a white image through the cerakoted, offering a good amount of contrast.

SBR Engraving

If you are truly going the distance with this lower and going to end up making a form 1 short barreled rifle (SBR) you have come to the right place. While we have it we can perform the NFA required engraving so you will be able to register this as an SBR with the NFA registry. The NFA engraving requirement states it must have the manufacturer name, city and state engraved in a conspicuous location on the lower receiver. Since you are making the short barreled rifle, you become the manufacturer, even if the lower has another manufacturer‘s marking on it, you are still required to add your name (or your trust name if filing under the trust name). We can engrave above the trigger/hammer pins, the magwell, or even underneath the trigger guard for a cleaner overall look.

Ordering Help
We want your engraving to be a personalized piece of art and to enhance your AR, and a little bit of preparation on your part can help ensure the process goes smoothly and the end result is something you can be proud to display on your rifle. We have prepared a video addressing the common questions on ordering dust covers below. If you have any additional questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Video Tutorial: How To Order The Perfect AR Lower Receiver

Graphic and Text Suggestions

If you have made it this far and you would like to truly make a custom one of a kind rifle, but just aren’t sure what to put on it, here are some suggestions:

-Family Names/Crests

-Texts and Slogans

-Tributes and in memory of text

-Caliber designations – show off and easily identify your unique caliber AR

-Armed Forces & Military Logos

-Law enforcement badges and department logos

-Civil service badges and logo (Fire/EMS, etc…)

-2nd amendment graphics and text

-Patriotic flags, state flags, state seals


-Business logos or text

-Anything else you can imagine!!

Engraved Lower Photo Gallery
Check out our gallery of previous work here: CustomARDustCover Engraved Lower Gallery

Shipping Information

All new lowers we provide must be shipped to an FFL holder in your state for applicable background check. If you are sending us a lower currently in your possession for work, we can mail it directly back to you. Please insure your shipment, include a copy of your current drivers license with valid address, and ship with a signature required to:

RGO Custom Shop
10722 Fairgrounds Rd STE 1
Huntingdon PA 16652


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