AR-10 V7 Ultralight Titanium Custom Dust Cover - Premium Laser Engraved Inside & Outside
V7 Titanium Engraved Ejection Port Dust Cover

AR-10 V7 Ultralight Titanium Custom Dust Cover - Premium Laser Engraved Inside & Outside

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Finally, the option to get exactly what you want on a premium milled aluminum dust cover is available. These AR10 ejection port covers milled from grade 2 titanium, then the are engraved with an industrial laser that oxides the coating to create a permanent, rust proof, image on your rifle. These are some of the cleanest and lightest dust covers available, a real upgrade to a regular dust cover.  Because of the smooth exterior, long logos and text look incredible on out outside, especially our US Flags! Perfect for showing off your new rifle, or rekindling some love for an older one, or helping you differentiate different uppers in your collection.  These covers are sure to start conversations every time you pull your AR out. Practical applications include keeping your calibers straight so you load the right ammo, or designating your AR from others at the range, especially for LEO/Military guys where every rifle looks the same.  Throw up some propaganda sure to raise morale on your next trip to the range or out back for some fun!

Fits: DPMS Platform rifles with OEM Dust cover length of  3.315"

Dust Cover Features:


 -Caliber Designations - Show off your new caliber
-Patriotic designs
-Law Enforcement Badges
-Military logos/ranks
 -Anything you can imagine. 

Buy just the cover if you are replacing a blank cover you already have, or we can also include the pin, spring and clamp needed if you are building a new upper, or buy a complete upper parts kit with forward assist pin and spring as well.

Graphic Requirements

We want to make the process as easy as possible and make sure your cover turns out just like you want.  We have very high standards and your dust cover final product quality is determined by the graphic quality you send us.  Here are a few guidelines and recommendations.

-Color vs. Grayscale vs. Black and White - the engraving process only engraves in 2 bit black and white.  For the cleanest and best looking engravings, we recommend using black and white images only.  Black and white images have NO GRAY, SHADING, SHADOW, FADING, or other effects.  If you are still unsure, the image below is an example of pure black and white.  We can use grayscale images, but the detail you see on your computer screen generally doesn't fully translate to the engraving.

-Resolution - If your image is grainy and pixilated, your engraving will probably look worse.  The more detail in your image, the better the image we prefer in order to get a good clean capture to transfer to our engraving machine.  Also keep in mind the size of the dust cover, if we try to take a highly detailed image and shrink it down to 1/2" tall, we will lose a lot of the detail.  A simple test if you are able is to take your image and shrink it down to 1/2" tall and print it out on your printer, if you can make it out, it will probably be ok.

-Pictures - Please do not send us pictures of items with graphics on them and ask us to use the graphic on the item.  We will need the actual graphic and not a picture of the graphic on something else.

We want your dust cover engraving to be a piece of art and to enhance your AR, and a little bit of preparation on your part can help ensure the process goes smoothly and the end result is something you can be proud to display on your rifle.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.  If you are emailing us additional graphics please indicate the file names of the additional graphics in the correct blanks above.

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